Name: Csaba Tóth

Mobil: +36 20 9458 448



Editing works

Between 1990 and 1994 I worked for the Central Program-making Department of the

Hungarian National Television (MTV) as a video-editor. I worked in practically all types of

MTV programs, mainly in sports and news programs, but made also documentaries,

magazines, music programs, travel films, and music videos.

Since 1994 I have been working on free-lance basis, mainly for Art Vision Studio. Here, I

worked in the Friderikusz production (kind of late night show), Víz-party (Water party), Izom-

Láz (Muscular strain), Forró nyomon (On the right track), Töltsön velem egy órát (Spend an hour

with me), Showbálvány (Show-idol), Szeret nem szeret (Love me or not) and Zöldposta (Greenmail)


I took part in the UNESCO-prize winner production as a video editor presenting the history

of the Hungarian musical education NEVE?. I worked with Pál Sándor cinema director in the

film titled Volt 1×1 zenekar (Once upon a time there was a band). During this period, I edited

many TV programmes, documentaries, music videos, and in 1999 I switched to commercials

and features.

My video clips: Deborah Henson Conant, Cadillac, East, Attila Kaszás, LGT, Cotton Club

Singers, Fekete Vonat and many other.

I started to work in 1999. at Post Edison as an editor and Quantel Artist. I edited a lot of

commercials for Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Knorr, Opel, Renault, Stella Artois, Vivendi, Vodafone,

Raiffeisen etc. I made main titles, broadcast designs, and other creative and compositing


My feature films: Kvartett, Emelet, Team Building, Nyár utca nem megy tovább, Pontosság,

A Rajzoló, Utolsó órák, Tranzitidő.

My main editing software is AVID, but I’m familiar with Final Cut and Premiere too. I can

work with other Adobe products like After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, and Media Encoder.

Editorial/directorial works

Having graduated from Komlósi Education Studio I worked as an editor in the Zöldposta

(Green-mail) program, in the Budapest Regional News, in Víz-party (Water-party) and in

Napközi (Day-time). Between 1996 and 1999 I worked as an editor/director of X-treme sports

and lifestyle magazine programs. I also worked as a journalist for the newspapers like Kurír,

TVR7, and Funkey.


Graduated from Janus Pannonius University of Sciences in 1998; Faculty of Arts; Specialty:

cultural manager.

Graduated from Komlósi Media Studio in 1995, specialised in television journalism.

Secondary school studies completed in 1990 in Jenõ Landler Technical Vocational School.